Did you know that our prepackaged brand products are also available in BULK?

As a rapidly growing and major player in the food industry for over 40 years, Pepe’s  Marketing recognized an untapped market demand for pre-packaged branded and unbranded product geared towards the retail market. We maximized on our core competencies and heavily invested into meeting the demands of the retail market which catapulted us to date as the leader in the industry.

Pepe’s imported its very first state-of-the-art packaging machine in 2010. To date Pepe’s has state-of-the-art packaging machines for different classification of products. Machine functionality range from sifters which remove dirt and foreign matter; polishers, mixers remove seeds; de-clumper which separates dried fruits.

We have the capability to package a myriad of commodities inclusive of grains, milled commodities, dried fruits, nuts and kernels. Currently our packaging sizes predominantly range from 75g to 2000g. However, our machines possess the scalability to produce virtually any size as well as branded, generic and strictly customizable packaging.

Our Packaging Department comprises of a team of highly competent and certified workforce with years of experience and expertise. Our team has the ability to manage large, medium or small projects within a reasonable lead time.